The Reclaiming Employment Business Directory

Live & Learn, Inc. is creating a directory of mental health and social change-oriented businesses in the U.S. that are operated by people with psychiatric histories. We are particularly interested in businesses that provide peer support or peer specialist services.

Both incorporated and non-incorporated businesses (i.e. sole proprietor/independent contractor) are included in this directory, but nonprofit organizations are not, unless they are operating as a commercial nonprofit that sells products or services to generate revenue.

How to list your business

If you are an individual who identifies as having a history of psychiatric disability and/or having used mental health services and would like to have your small business listed on Reclaiming Employment, fill out the form below. You do not need to have a formal business structure. One of our staff will get back to you to confirm before any information is published.

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If your business does not have a website, please share a link to LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, or other social media.
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 Respondents to the   Self-Employment Starts with You   survey were largely running unincorporated businesses as a sole proprietor. 

Respondents to the Self-Employment Starts with You survey were largely running unincorporated businesses as a sole proprietor.