Auspicious Fish®, Inc

Some of us swim through life quite well.... until a tsunami life wave comes along, tosses us about, while others have lived in rough seas for a long while. Either way, we can be left gasping & breathless on a unfamiliar and unpleasant shore. Often my clients have been hit with several waves back to back and been tossed about so long they're exhausted.

I don't know if any of this resonates with you, but I know I have had to learn how to stay afloat in rough times. Some times this was easier than others! While I wouldn't want to repeat those days, I wouldn't trade the experiences for a life of calm waters! What I learned can help you with evidence-based programs of Peer Support and Health and Wellness coaching. 

It might not seem possible right now, but there is HOPE for recovery. I believe in this so strongly, I offer free consultations to all potential new clients to discuss it further.