Cooccurrent - Present Together

Cooccurrent is a support network for individuals living with bio-psycho-social challenges.

Some of us have physical challenges in living, chronic pain or illness, physical or sensory distinctions that make living more difficult than it is for others.

Some of us experience periodic stress from past traumas. Some of us have learned to live with the stress, others of us have more of a struggle.

Some of us have been given psychiatric diagnoses - some of us find diagnoses helpful and accept them, others find diagnoses unhelpful or harmful and reject them.

Some of us struggle with cravings to return to (or consequences from having engaged in) addictive behaviors - non-moderate use of alcohol or other drugs, food/exercise, gambling, love/sex - really any compulsive behavior that causes harm to ourselves and others.

Some of us feel isolated, alienated, or alone. Or we may have difficulty communicating, establishing or maintaining connections with others, or being/functioning in social situations. Some of us have been bullied at some point socially, at school, at work, or online.

Some of us have figured out how to work with and around our challenges, others of us are still really struggling.

We are all very different, but our challenges give us a basis for relating with each other. We understand what it's like to be "different."

We make contact to talk with others who have been in similar situations and can understand our experience. Being present together, we come to know others and be known, to communicate and learn.