Katherine has been living with severe bipolar I disorder with psychosis for over 15 years as retold in her Recovery Journey video. Peer support was critical to her recovery. 

Over the past year, Katherine has successfully launched a number of mental illness recovery initiatives. 

Inspired by her peer support experiences, she created ForLikeMinds. ForLikeMinds is the first online peer support community dedicated to people living with or supporting someone with mental illness. It allows people to connect anonymously one-on-one and in groups based on mental illness, substance use, and stressful life events in addition to various demographics.  

She has also pre-launched Certified Peer Specialists Mental Illness Recovery Coaching, a service to connect people living with or supporting someone with mental illness with Certified Peer Specialists, which will launch in the Spring 2020.

Katherine is also the creator of the Psych Ward Greeting Cards program by which she shares her recovery experiences and distributes donated greeting cards to patients in psychiatric units in NYC. To help families better connect with their loved ones living with mental illness she also created Mental Illness Greeting Cards.

She is a monthly contributor to the NAMI National Blog and is on the Board of NAMI-NYC. You can follow her on Facebook. Katherine holds a BA, JD, and MBA (Wharton), is a lawyer, and has NYCPS-P, NYCARC, and CPRP certifications. 

In all that she does, her mission is to share and inspire hope that mental illness recovery is possible. Her spouse and caregiver Izzy is a tremendous source of support in this journey.