Management and Maintenance

Social Entrepreneurship
  • REDF Accelerator - The REDF Accelerator is a unique, hands-on program designed to help scale employment-focused social enterprise.

    • REDF Policy Brief Generator - This tool is intended to create a basic policy recommendation handout for you so as you are in the community meeting decision-makers you can share what your social enterprise does to strengthen the community.

  • Shared Value Initiative - Guided by FSG and a global network of funders, the Shared Value Initiative was created in 2012 to drive the adoption and implementation of shared value strategies by organizations around the world.

  • Conscious Capitalism - We believe that business is good because it creates value, it is ethical because it is based on voluntary exchange, it is noble because it can elevate our existence and it is heroic because it lifts people out of poverty and creates prosperity. 

  • The Center for Social Capital - A list of a few representative projects that CSC currently operates nationally.

Tax and Legal Planning

Benefits Planning for Employment and Self-Employment

Mental Health Support and Self-Care

  • FAST Agreement - Founder / Advisor Standard Template (FAST) - The FAST Agreement is used by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and advisors per year to establish productive working relationships, trading advice and support for a standardized amount of equity.

  • Form of Advisor Agreement - Cooley GO Docs Advisor Agreement Generator. Note that this document is intended only for US companies.

  • How to Handle the End of a Business Relationship - A business relationship can sour even if you aren’t getting fired, laid off, or rejected from whatever it is you do for a person or company.Thankfully, there are a few techniques you can try to make the most of a rejection in the business world.

  • The Truth About Hierarchy - Hierarchies are often seen as obstacles to innovation. However, a growing body of research shows that the right kind of hierarchy can help teams become better innovators and learners.

  • Hiring aspiring workers living with mental illness makes cents - Today the MHCC launched a summary report, A Clear Business Case for Hiring Aspiring Workers that suggests opening the doors to aspiring workers living with mental illness is a win-win for employers and employees.

  • Free HR Resources for Business Owners - HR Resources Toolkit For Business Owners with checklists, templates, best practices, and interactive forms needed to manage employees at your business.

  • Traits of Truly Horrible Bosses and How To Avoid Them - If you’re striving to grow your business, or reevaluating how to manage one, you can increase your chances of success by avoiding these seven traits of truly horrible bosses.

  • Remote Working Isn't the Same as Working From Home - These two ways of working might look similar, but in reality they are incredibly different for your employees.

  • Working Remotely Doesn’t Have To Mean Working From Home - options for remote working, including coffee shops, libraries, and community spaces.

  • Remote Working - This article gives a detailed description of one remote worker's work-from-home habits.

  • The Authenticity Paradox - "research also demonstrates that the moments that most challenge our sense of self are the ones that can teach us the most about leading effectively. By viewing ourselves as works in progress and evolving our professional identities through trial and error, we can develop a personal style that feels right to us and suits our organizations' changing needs."


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