Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reclaiming Employment for me?

Reclaiming Employment is for anyone who has struggled with their mental health who is thinking about starting their own business or is already self-employed. It’s a good place to start, even if you are in the early stage of just exploring what it would mean for you to be self-employed.

What Does Reclaiming Employment Do?

Reclaiming Employment is an online resource to support entrepreneurship by individuals who have used mental health services. The goal of Reclaiming Employment is to promote self-sufficiency and empowerment by preparing individuals with psychiatric histories for self-employment.

There are three elements: an online library with curated external resources, online courses designed to help at whatever stage of self-employment the individuals is at, and a networking platform for people to engage with one another, trouble shoot common roadblocks and build a network.

You can read more about the project on our About page.

What Comes with my subscription?

At the moment, Reclaiming Employment is still in the prototype stage, so access to both the library and courses are free in exchange for your feedback!

In the future, Reclaiming Employment will provide access to resources which may not otherwise be available through an online subscription. There will be different subscription options available that will feature resource links (“Library”), educational courses (“Courses”), and social support functions (“Reclaiming Employment Network”) related to starting and sustaining a small business as a self-employed individual with a psychiatric disability.

Where do I start?

Currently access to both the Library and Online Courses are free, all you have to do is sign up!

With Reclaiming Employment currently in the prototype phase we appreciate your feedback.

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